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There are several ways to help with localization of Violentmonkey.


A popular translation platform with an easy and convenient online editor. Click the picture below to start translating into your language:


Pull Requests

  1. Fork Violentmonkey from GitHub.
  2. Copy src/_locales/en/messages.yml into src/_locales/<your_locale>/messages.yml.
  3. Translate messages in the created messages.yml or the one you'd like to modify. Make sure the modified messages.yml is valid yaml. If you have Node.js 8+ installed, you can check and reformat it by running npm run i18n.
  4. Commit changes and create a pull request.


Technically we can have a smarter and more flexible way to localize different Violentmonkey projects while keeping most of the shared parts but not ready yet. Any help would be appreciated.