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Violentmonkey is built with WebExtension APIs. It supports a lot of browsers.

You can either install it from web stores or build from source code.

WebExtension-compatible browsers

Chrome, Firefox 57+, Edge, Chromium, Brave, Cent, Orion, Opera 15+, Vivaldi, QQBrowser, etc.

Stable Release


  • Opera users please install from Chrome Web Store because the Opera team no longer reviews the extension because they think Violentmonkey is too complicated and they don't have time to review it. 😞

Beta Release

The beta version is published more frequently than the stable release, with bug fixes and new features that will be included in the next stable release. However it may have bugs and lead to data loss. Please back up your data and use it at your own risk.


Maxthon 4 and 5.

Not above?

Unfortunately your browser may be unable to support such extensions. You are welcome to help improve it.

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